Jockstrap Wednesday – Timoteo Tight End

Are you looking for an old school jock? One brand to look into is Timoteo’s Tight End Jockstrap. This jock has a classic waistband with the label in front. It also comes in multiple colors.

A piece of jockstrap trivia, the original “classic jocks” waistband stripes were different for each size. I heard this was for easy sorting by equipment managers.

This is what Timoteo says about the pair:

Combining the classic jockstrap look and detailing with today’s hottest colors & new fabrication.  This is the NEW Cellblock13 Tight End Jockstrap.  Built with a supportive woven mesh pouch and a sturdy elastic waistband, this rugged jock is the best-updated version of the traditional team sports jocks that livened up the locker rooms of days gone by.

Get the jock!!!

Pair: Timoteo Tight End Jock
Color: Army, Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, or White
Fabric: N/A
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $24.00

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