Do you over pack Underwear when going on a trip?

I”m wondering if you guys have this same issue. When I pack to go on a trip, either work or vacation, I always pack about twice as many pairs of underwear than I would ever need. For example if i go out of town for 5 days I always pack 10-15 pairs of underwear because you never know!

When I start packing, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t overpack as I used too. Back in the day, I would take way more than I would ever need. It was ridiculous. After a few trips with small carry-ons for a week trip. I learned how to pack with just enough. Now I add maybe one or two extra shirts but that’s about it.

Then we get to underwear; everything goes out the window. I try to pack pairs I love to wear. That leads to “oh I love this pair too.” and this one and this one. Well, I may want to wear this one too. By the time I’m done I have more undies than anything else. This kinda happens with swimwear but not as bad. I only pack 3-4 swim briefs.

An example, this trip to Magic/Project I was gone from Wednesday Night till Monday. This is for five days, but I had 12 pairs of underwear. I included underwear for cold, which Vegas was, and some just in case the weather warmed up. I also pack for activities and just in cases. Just in case I go out or for walking/cardio.

Who else does this? Do you over pack undies or everything? The only good thing is that undies take up very little space in a suitcase. Do any of your partners give you grief on packing?

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    I always pack a few extra pair. My usual rule of thumb is ( 2 x days of travel ) + 2 or 3. I usually hit the hotel gym, so one jock is worn there. Then another pair the rest of the day. The extra is for when you have evening plans on the 2 shower days. Since I mainly wear jocks, there’s not much space taken up, so I tend to justify the number of pairs.


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    February 20, 2019

    Not double but a few extra yes


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    February 20, 2019

    I always pack extra too, usually about 2 per day and depending on the trip I try to buy some new underwear to bring. Always a good excuse to buy new underwear


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    February 20, 2019

    This is so me! I travel a lot and I always have just enough clothes but I have underwear packed for like a week, even though I am gone for 4-5 days max at a time. I might have 2 pairs of pants, 2-3 shirts (button up, pullover and T), workout wear and 8-12 pairs of underwear. I always wonder what TSA thinks when scanning my bag seeing thongs, jocks, briers and trunks and yes, I have all of these every time!


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