The UNB Resolution for 2019

2019 is here!!! And I have been sick for the last week. I have a cold that will not go away. Hence why you’ve just had two posts a day as opposed to the three. I”m no way back to 100% but I’m pushing through.

Last week I had big plans on working on the 2019 plans and finally fixing the menu at the top. However, the cold had me in bed for a week straight. Don’t worry the 2019 plan will happen and the menu will get fixed soon!

The biggest thing I want to do in 2019 is body positivity on the site. That is getting more real guys as writers and the most important as models. I have a real guy shoot planned for this year and it will be the first of many. I think we need to have some discussions about this and encourage guys to wear what they feel great wearing.

I want to focus on some real guys who want to take the Swim Brief Challenge and share pics. We will be setting up email and hashtags for it this year. I want as many of you guys to partcipate as possible. Yes, even I am going to participate this year. Last year, I don’t think I got in a pool but once. This year I have 2-3 pairs if swim I need to wear (they are from Turlock & Co, Sluggers and Smithers Simwear.)

We all need to pull together this year and make underwear for all! Being a bigger guy its time I lead the charge!! Stay tuned this year!

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