Brief Distraction featuring Pothos

One new brand that has really impressed me is Pothos. Their aim is to bring the sensuality and boldness of women’s lingerie to men’s underwear. You may be asking who is Pothos.

Pothos is the greek god of sexual sexual longing, yearning and desire. Most of the times he is portrayed as playing a lyre, enchanting humans to long for a sexual partner and for someone to fall inlove with. He is part of the Erotes with Anteros (“Love Returned”), Himeros (“Impetuous Love” or “Pressing Desire”), Hedylogos (“Sweet-talk”), Hymenaios (“Bridal-Hymn”), Hermaphroditus (“Hermaphrodite” or “Effeminate”).

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    January 30, 2019

    They look great. As an older guy I’m not sure I could pull the look off. But I’m warming up to the idea.


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