What did you guys guy for the Holidays

We asked you guys what you shopped for this holiday season. The results of this survey show many of us buy for ourselves. Granted I forgot to make the poll able to choose more than one to choose.

I think we still have a long way to go before we get where we can buy undies for others. But, underwear shopping for yourself is just as fun.

76% of guys were shopping for underwear for the holidays! Which is a good thing. I bought quite a few things, for myself, this year.

The majority of guys have bought undies for themselves. The second one at a distant second is their husband.

It’s no surprise that most guys bought underwear and swimwear. I”m happy th see more guys buying lounge, singlets and fetishwear as well. We say go with what you love!!!

Share with us what you bought.

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