Should there be a social media site for Underwear Lovers?

Should there be a Facebook for Underwear lovers? I have often pondered this exact thing and how it could be implemented. Most current social media sites are very anti men’s underwear. You can’t post bulge pictures or any hit a guy has a penis. And, as of this past week Tumblr is shutting down it’s “adult” content. Which men’s most of men’s underwear will be included. I scrolled through our Tumblr and 3/4 of our posts have the Redline saying “Flagged as Adult Content.” and I’m not going through and getting a review. I’m trying to export it and either move it or shut it down.

I think there is a need for the social network in general. However, I don’t want it to be a place just to post nude and overly sexual underwear pics. I want a space where guys actually talk and share their passion for underwear. It would need to be a space open to all, that is gay, straight, bi and more. I have had some of the best underwear talks with straight guys. One, in particular, is Salvatore here on UNB. He’s super busy but he’s one of the most amazing friends I have in my life.

The I’ve looked into it and most of the issue is the platform and cost of hosting. This would definitely need its own server to run. Platforms are kind of wonky in general. But it’s something I would love to do and bring about. I depend on what you guys would want and need. I”m curious if you guys would join such a site? What would be the most important things you think it should have?

Shoot us an email if you have thoughts on this and a private social network. BTW. I know it would need to have pseudonyms!!

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    December 07, 2018

    There actually is something similar to what you are thinking, it is called Briefsbook.

    The only thing is that it is not entirely all inclusive, because pictures of boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, etc are not allowed. Only pictures of briefs, jocks, and thongs are allowed for the most part.

    You should check it out though.


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    What about using a reddit community. Most profiles are pseudonyms anyway. Posts and threads are easy.


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