Sales Brief – Underwear Sales for Dec 1

Tis the season for Underwear sales. We just had Black Friday/Cyber Monday but that’s not all the sales out there. We will have just as many great sales through the holidays. Time to buy you or your man some great undies. Here are some sales going on this weekend:

Shop: Men’s Underwear Store

Sale/Percent off: 25% off

Code: n/a/

Expiration: See Site


Shop: aussieBum

Sale/Percent off: 50% off

Code: na/a

Expiration: See Site

Link: http://www.aussiebum.com

Shop: C-IN2

Sale/Percent off: Up to 75% off Workout wear

Code: n/a

Expiration See site:

Link: http://www.c-in2.com

Shop: Kikini

Sale/Percent off: Over 50% off

Code: 30More

Expiration: see site

Link: http://www.kiniki.com

A lot of sales just ended for Cyber Week, but we will be running these every Saturday until the holidays are over!

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