Keep Shopping Deals and Update

This year our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals started on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A lot started to post and of course, this is when I had issues with the site. I created a quick spreadsheet with info but also it had issues sharing from G Suite. But undeterred I knew I could fix the issues. After trying to restore the site from back up, I kept reading and found the answer!! Let me tell you it made a stressful Thanksgiving. I would have to try and then walk away and regroup. But it paid off! The Menu is still messed up but I needed to redo it anyway, it was on my list to fix!

The post for Black Friday was updated yesterday as well. All the ones I see for today are just reminding you to shop. I’m sure Sunday/Monday there will be more. I think this year we will do a separate post for Cyber Monday. But in the meantime look over the sales on our Black Friday Sales Brief.

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