You’re a Big Guy, should you wear designer underwear?

Underwear is made for all. That is the philosophy here on UNB. Speaking as the big guy side, 6’4″ and over 275, I think I could be considered a big guy. Yes, I’m working on getting more healthy but I’m never going to have abs. It’s not a goal I have or for that fact ever had. I do want to get to around 225 or under and stay there.

I often hear on social media when we post a bigger guy in underwear, “OMG you shouldn’t be wearing that.” I have even gotten similar messages on “dating apps.” It’s like we shame bigger guys for wanting to be sexy. I personally thing beefy guys look amazing in singlets and swim briefs. I still wear them but it depends on where I am. I shouldn’t let it get to me and just rock them where ever I want, but society frowns on bigger guys.

My underwear I still rock my bikinis, string bikinis, briefs and more. I wear whatever I want too. I don’t listen to guys who post on dating apps about my underwear of choice. Also, I’m not really on those apps anymore. I want more out of a date than a fun time. I want to make a connection.

Here is a list of things bigger guys should not even think twice about wearing:

  • Bikini Briefs
  • String bikinis
  • Thongs
  • jocks
  • spandex
  • singlets
  • swim briefs
  • swim thongs

Next just because a guy is bigger waist doesn’t mean he’s out of shape. Look at @sixfootfiveguy on Twitter. He’s a tall beefy guy but not out of shape. He posted on twitter (I think) that he wanted something in XXL. I responded that its unlikely the brand only goes to Large.

The next thing we need to tackle is having pairs in our size. Many brands go only up to a 36 inch waist. Anything higher and you’re out of luck. Luckily there are a few good brands making larger sizes.

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    August 22, 2018

    Which brands carry larger sizes please. I know Aussiebum does. Thanks.


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