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Now we reveal the swimwear portion of our survey. Many of you guys have skipped from the swim brief straight to the swim thong. It’s really surprised me how big the swim thong has grown in the last year. So we asked a few questions about swimwear. The styles you guys wear, where you’ve worn swim briefs and do you have an interesting swim thongs

This is a chart I love to see. The swim trunks and briefs are the biggest two in the category. Followed by swim shorts. The brief has grown over the 10 years we have done the site. It’s great to see them in the lead of the style you wear most. It makes me feel like we are doing our job!

As the style grows the more places you guys are wearing them. The biggest is a public beach. I remember when the private pool was the biggest. Now it’s tied for second with a public pool. Attitudes on the swim brief are definitely changing among our readers. Now it’s time to turn to the general public and have them more accepted. That’s a totally different conversation. But something we are definitely working on.

Over 50% of you guys either have worn a swim thong or want to wear one. This is huge! The growth in swim thongs has far outpaced what I thought it would be in the last year. We have had several of our guys wear them in public. Just this past week UNB Shawn wore them to Wet Republic in Las Vegas. One of the biggest day parties in Vegas and had a positive reaction. We will have more on that soon.

I think one thing that is slowing down swim thongs is guys unsure where they can wear them. Some places are very pro thong while others are very anti-thong. It may not be a written law but they frown on them. We hope to have more thong content in the future. I’m not a thong guy but we have plenty on the site who are.

What do you guys think of the swimwear results?

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    August 28, 2018

    Swim thongs are the best. Not for every occasion but boy are they great for a vacation on a tropical breach. Awesome that so many guys are trying them and even better that more companies are making them.


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