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We maybe an underwear blog but we love swimwear as well! We always ask the question about swim briefs but in the last two years we added in the swim thong question as well. Swim thongs have taken off big time, especially in the straight guy segment. It’s just amazed me we went from almost no swim thongs to brands releasing 2-3 a year.

For the last few years, we have had the Swim Brief Challenge. Where we try to get you guys to wear swim briefs and make them more mainstream. We seem to be succeding with our readers! Now is we can branch out to the public that would be awesome. I am super happy to see how many of you have worn them in public. Next to that, how many have worn to a private pool. You guys seem to like swim briefs! Which is an awesome thing.

More than 50% of you guys have either worn or want to wear a swim thong. Those not interested didn’t surprise me. Thongs are something you either love or hate. There is very little middle ground in the whole thong debate. Over 25% of you guys have worn a swim thong already. It shows this is growing more each year.

Here are the pairs you guys wear on a regular basis. Notice the swim thong is lower than board shorts? We need to change that. But the number one pair you guys like are swim briefs. I knew we had a fashion forward readership!

Share your swim brief or swim thong challenge story with us.

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