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Let’s get down to business. What is your favorite style to wear and what do you wear on a regular basis. We asked the major styles in this and we had some write in’s but for this, we are just focusing on what was asked. The very first question is what is your all-time favorite style. We gave you one choice in this question. So you had to pick just one.

The most popular style is the Brief. Almost 30% of guys say that’s their fav style. Next is one that has moved up this past year is the thong. It’s the number two at 21%. Right here is 50% of you guys. Next is the Bikini at 17% and the biggest surprise is the Boxer Brief at 14%. I was not expecting it to be so high. We need to up our boxer brief game!

Then we asked you what pairs you wear on a regular basis. So you can respond always to never. Here are each of these pairs broken down:


This was not a shock, not a lot wear Jock Briefs. It’s a pair that I think you love or hate!

This chart proves that thongs have grown over the last year. We have a lot of “never but a lot of sometimes. This is more than in years past. 

If you said jocks were dead you would be wrong. There are a lot of you out there who still wear them. It can be for working out or just fun. But More of you guys wear them than don’t. 

This was no shock due to the main graph above. The brief is the go-to style on UNB. It’s the classic we all love, including myself.

This one surprised me by the number of guys who never wear a bikini. I was not expecting that, at all. I figured it was a more popular choice. 

The Boxer brief didn’t surprise me. It skews more on the don’t wear side. I know most of you guys love more fun pairs that give greater support. 

Last is the trunk, It’s a bit higher than boxer brief but still skews to the Maybe wear category. But this tells us we need to cover more boxer briefs and trunks.

If you missed out this year, we will have new survey next year. Also, we will have several smaller polls throughout the year.

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    Next year, I would like to see boxers added to the list. It would be interesting to see how many of us still wear boxers, even if occasionally or just to bed. There are some really nice cuts for boxers besides the old traditional Hanes or FotL baggy/poofy butt boxers. Personally, I like to occasionally wear a nice pair of fitted boxers by American Eagle or Duluth Trading. My jockstrap to boxer ratio is 5:1; therefore, put me in the jockstrap camp the majority of the time.


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