Reader Survey 2018 Results – How and When you buy

Shopping for underwear is serious business. There are more places popping up selling undies than ever before. So we asked which types of sites and stores do you shop on a regular basis for underwear.

You guys really love shopping brand sites. I figured this would be lower on the list. But Most of you “often” shop a brand site. One advantage to shopping a brand site is they offer every pair and color in a line. Not all retailers take every color or style. Plus, it’s more likely to be in stock on a popular pair.

This one didn’t shock me at all. The Close out stores are not what they used to be. Back in the early 2000’s you could get awesome underwear at a great price. Now they have pretty much the same boxer briefs and such. For a true underwear lover you’re not going to find much that will make you go “I must have this.”

Most of you guys shop the bigger e-commerce sites. Such as Jockstrap Central, International Jock, Men’s Underwear Store and the like. It’s super easy to find new stuff and what you are after in one place.

This would be higher if we had more underwear stores. They are pretty much few and far between. There is something awesome about going and looking at underwear, touching it and seeing it in person, rather than a picture. It’s a joy I hope many of you get to experience.

I think department stores have taken a tumble in our polls. I haven’t been in one in a while. But unless you are after the bigger brands, such as CK. They don’t really bring in much else. To get the newest and hottest undies you have to turn to a site that specializes in them.

No shocker here. Big box stores don’t carry much undies at all outside the Hanes and FOTL. Target is stepping up their game with the Evolve brand, which I call the gateway underwear into better undies. But the others are just catering to the boxer brief crowd and not introducing them to better and underwear made to fit a guy.

This is kind of a mix. Some of you do and others don’t. There can be some great deals had out there in the online world. I have scored many pairs from Cheapundies over the years. The downside is a lot of sites, including the one we just launched, doesn’t have free shipping. The business model doesn’t support it, the undies are at such a great deal that you can’t figure in free shipping. But the shipping is usually a flat fee.

Here’s where you guys shop! If you have a favorite store let us know

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