Pay What you want at 4 Hunks

Ever wanted to name the price that you want to pay for underwear? That’s what 4 Hunks is doing. Here are the deets.
Basically, we don´t give a discount on the summer sale, actually, the consumers get to send us an offer for the price that they would like to purchase. After a survey, they 4 hunks clients told us, that they had the most fun 4 Hunks with this sale. So we decided to do it again.
Here is how it works:

“How much do you want to pay?”

This summer sale you name the price! Yes, it´s correct!

How does it work?

• You can make an offer for a design that you like to purchase with the price that you would like to pay for it!
• You can make an offer for as many designs as you wish.
• There is a minimum price that should not be reached
• We refuse an offer if you enter the minimum amount – Remember, it should be a fair price
• We proof your offer, and you will receive an email from us with the accepted to proceed to check out
• You can make only one offer per design!
•  If you reach the minimum, you can not bid on the same design!Got it? 

Make us a fair offer, and you might get what you want for your price!

Sale runs as long as we have stock left!

Have fun!
Go to 4 Hunks site for more.

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