Swimwear Sunday – My Day in an Ergowear Feel Swim Brief

I got the chance to spend the day in an Ergowear Feel Swim Brief. If you have read the blog for a while, you know I’m not the biggest fan of the feel pouch in underwear. I prefer a lot more support than what it delivers. I got a Feel Swim Brief a while back and it has sat in my drawer. I was hesitant to give it a go, but this one day I decided to wear it. The first reason is it was green, which is my favorite color. And second, I was feeling good about myself.

I think the second thing is the important thing. At times I put on swim briefs and look in the mirror and go “UGH.” I don’t feel like I should be wearing the style. I’m feeling too big, not sexy, put myself down. Then take them off and grab shorts. Well, not this day, I was in a mood where I said “Fuck It.” I was going to a pool where no one cared and others would be wearing the same.

When I got there the nerves kicked in. There were guys in all shapes and sizes in trunks and briefs. Most were beefy/bear guys. They were having a great time and I yanked my shorts down and decided to just enjoy the day. No one’s head turned and gasped! Or looked at me in disdain that said “OMG what is he wearing.”

I had a great day in the brief. Now back to the point of this post. The Feel pouch in the swimwear I love much better than the underwear. The front gave me more support with the nylon/spandex material. Plus it gave me a bit of an enhancement in the pouch. A few guys asked who made the suit. It’s not a wide released suit on the market. I think they were intrigued by the pouch.

If you are not a fan of swim briefs because sometimes they can be super tight and feel like your junk is in a vice. These will not give you that feeling. The pouch was loose but not too loose. I think it’s the right amount of support. It’s tight enough to keep things in place but not too tight to squeeze everything.

I give the day two thumbs up. The first is for overcoming my fears and wearing it. The second is for the awesome swim brief. I say give them a try it may look a little odd at first but the comfort you guy, you won’t regret wearing them!

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    August 20, 2018

    Great story and congratulations on overcoming your fear. I’m with you and am not a big fan of the feel pouch, but after this write up I may have to give them a try. Any chance there are photos of your adventure? I hear there’s a new Reader Submission feature on the site. I”m curious to see how they fit us non-model types. 😉


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