Lace and mesh and everything nice in the New Candyman

When you think of Candyman, what comes to mind? Mesh? Bright colors? Lace? Mix of masc and fem? Over the top designs? super fun? All those come to mind when I think of them. Over the years they have morphed into a brand that has no boundaries on masc/fem. There are no rules and they have firmly embraced this philosophy. More guys are loving this type of gear as well!

The new collection is even more “over the top” than previous ones. I know many of you are thinking how can this be possible, but just when you think it’s not possible they come up with some super amazing designs. I hear many guys asking “Who wears this stuff?” A lot of guys do and it’s not just gay and fem guys. All shapes and sizes, from muscle men to bears. All walks of life from the work room to the board room.

The new collection is divided up between lace, mesh, and denim. Denim in the smallest of the bunch, with just three pairs. A boxer brief, brief, and thong. The mesh is just what you expect from Candyman. There are cut outs and mesh panels used to show off every inch of your body. It has the traditional black but also some super fun colors.

The lace is the bulk of this collection. There are many new thongs, briefs, boy shorts and more. I would say my favorite pair is the new lace sided singlet. I saw it and immediately said WANT. One pair that is sure to turn heads (main pic) is the new lace pair with a built in garter. There are no stockings but it’s definitely inspired by the women’s lingerie industry. Last in this would be the new lace robe that you can pair with a black lace thong. It would be the perfect companion.

I hope you will go to the Candyman site to see all of these. We are going to run the new line on our Tumblr including some videos. So stay tuned!

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