Brief Distraction featuring Real Guy – Construction guy Joe

34-year-old male
Live on the east coast
Construction worker
Thong wearer
5’11” 150lbs

I became interested in sexy underwear over 20 years ago when I saw Covington bikini briefs at Sears one day. I would mainly wear boxers when I knew I would be around females and kept my fetish to myself for a long time. But now after being married for 14 years, it’s wasn’t easy keeping to myself. My wife does not like the underwear I wear but understands and is ok with briefs. She doesn’t like the thongs or jockstraps at all. After being honest with her and explaining why I choose to wear these styles of underwear, she tolerates it. (She thinks that I wear gay underwear) so I continue to wear what I want when I want but also respect that she doesn’t like when I wear them so, I still wear lots of boxers to bed and lounge around the house. Happy wife, happy life right?

I do not do social media and do not ever post pictures of myself in underwear. I will continue to use this platform to do so. I mainly wear briefs to work and change into thongs when I get home. I change out of my construction clothes when I get home every day. Sometimes I wear thongs to work(always with my belt on tight!) Some of my favorite brands are Andrew Christian, Obviously, Pistol Pete, Big Boys Pants, and N2N. I have approximately 75 pairs. I am a Medium in almost all brands and a waistband is a must for me.

This pair in the picture is by Cover Male. Model CML006 g-string Black, size medium, enjoy!

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    July 23, 2018

    Good for you for not bowing to the pressure, but wearing what you want! I can’t imagine the number of guys in your place who wear boxers because of what their wives like. Keep it up!


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    July 27, 2018

    You look good in thongs, and it’s great that you keep wearing them despite your wife’s disapproval. Keep wearing them buddy, and feel great!


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