Martin and Andrew Cruise Adventure

Two recent UNB reviewers, Martin Taylor & Andrew Sullivan, jumped on an Atlantis cruise out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean. They spent the week relaxing by the pool and dancing their nights away, all the while sending us some photos of their super fun outfits and swimwear. After some reviews and social media posts, we’ve had so many readers ask about the cruise that we’ve conducted a Q&A with Martin about his experience.

Q: Why did you go on the cruise?
A: This was actually our second cruise with Atlantis. We go for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is the environment. There’s nothing quite like being comfortable in your own skin when you vacation. As gay men, this is very hard for us in more traditional vacation hot spots, or where we run the risk of being around families. On the ship, you’re surrounded by thousands of gay men, of all ages and backgrounds, who are there for the same reason as you- to have fun, relax, and act and, most importantly, dress however you want. We also work very hard on our health, and have a bit of a gear/underwear fetish…so we like being able to show that off and dance.
Q: What gear did you get from UNB?
A: UNB provided us with some fantastic white harnesses and underwear from Garcon Model- which came in really handy for the white party. We also received swimwear that we rocked on the ship from Garcon Model. UNB also sent us some Cocksox swimwear, whichise very revealing yet comfy, that my husband, Andrew, wore a lot. They were by far his favorite pair. You can see photos on his IG- @andrewjs87 or at check out his review at UNB.
Q: Talk a bit about the creation of costumes and you’re favorite of the cruise.
A: Well…it was a lot. There are several official theme dances and a couple of unofficial. I was everything from a teenage mutant ninja turtle to an almost naked cowboy with nothing but a bandanna tied around my junk. My goal is to be virtually as nude as possible but still make very obvious references. Other people take it a lot more serious and construct some pretty magnificent costumes…makes one wonder how much luggage they had to bring. My favorite costume was probably either my custom white part outfit made by our friends Devin and Sal (cruise queens) or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume- the bottoms were blue Garcon Model swim briefs.
Here’s a list of my costumes:
  • White Party- 1st look: White harness with white mesh jock and white garter. 2nd look: Garcon Model white and gold harness and matching underwear.
  • Out there Space Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Call of the Wild Theme: Boy Scout
  • Classic Disco: Our group did The Village People…I was the cowboy.
  • Dog Tag: We were sailors
Q: How much fun it was to be in an environment where it’s  encouraged to wear undies in public?
A: Umm…way fun. I basically wore a mesh jock or a thong the entire time. I like to show off my booty. But seriously, as gay men, we spend a lot of our lives hiding…at least that was my experience. This cruise and environment allows us to celebrate our body, our sexuality, and our unique cultural experience. And you don’t have to look like superman…I know i don’t. There are all body types out on the dance floor and most are in undies/scantily clad costumes. It’s fun.
Q: You’re going on another cruise, how early are you planning your gear? 
A: Next March, same cruise. We absolutely love it. We’ve already started planning. White Party is the big event, and i’m thinking a full-body reference to a black and white photo…in a jock of course

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