Bum Chums British Pudding Backless Brief


Be still chums, for the wait is over… Bum-Chums Backless Briefs are now available from one of the world’s preeminent cheeky underwear and swimwear brands.

For this release marks an unprecedented productive and diverse year of new emerging designs and intriguing styles from this brand. Moving into areas where they previously hadn’t explored. May 2018 celebrated the arrival of new styles into the Bum-Chums ASSylum collection but didn’t stop there. The arrival of their new Backless Briefshas surely kept things interesting. It also makes us wonder… what are they working on now? Shot on location in the North England, where the brand is made, this first series of revealing but abridged photos are just a taste. The imagery shows both the bold brashness of the two styles and strength of the British Brand’s hip-sitting cut and the shimmer of the glorious Tactel Polyamide fabric, knitted and dyed in the UK.

Although a limited edition, these two new items have been added to the British Pudding Collection, with the added style of the Raspberry Ripple to the Rhubarb and Custard; a vice versa colour clash.

This new Bum-Chums line includes the benefit of the Bum-Chums brief cut, benefiting from being low-cut briefs, backless in design but at the same time, scooping all of the buttocks into the brief, meaning a well supported back. Featuring the signature Bum-Chums pouch, there’s always plenty of room for manoeuvre in their cuts of underwear. Don’t let that make you think they’re baggy and loose at the front. This brand treads the balance between technical fabrics and clever pattern making. Meaning they rely on the stretch and they way they cut the fabric to give the extra room when needed.

In the images enclosed you’ll find a sleekly conceptual set of compositions and poses, set outdoors, which is a tall order for any brand in the UK, seeing as they only get one week of summer weather. Timing is of the essence.

Priced £15.99 and available online from Bum-Chums.

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