The 5 Top Fetishwear Types for 2018

Fetishwear is ever evolving in the world of men’s underwear. It used to just be leather and mesh, but in the last few years more brands are producing fetish underwear and gear. Gone are the days where you would find the fetish gear in the back pages of magazines. Now it’s front and center and both gay and straight guys are wearing it! Here are the top Fetish types for this year. 


Neoprene is no longer for wetsuits. It has been on the rise. It has a few advantages. The first is the shape. You can create a silhouette that will enhance what you have. It can be made into jocks, briefs and more! Brands that have embraced the fabric are BodyAware, Cellblock 13, and Cocksox.


Lace has gone from an unheard of fabric to one of the most popular in men’s underwear. The mixture of masculine and feminine is what I think most guys love. It’s the wearing of the forbidden fabric.  There isn’t any style not made in lace, although the popular pairs are, of course, thongs, bikinis, and briefs. In recent years bodysuits are being made in lace. Brands that have embraced lace are BodyAware, PetitQ, Pikante, Andrew Christian and Joe Snyder


One thing I didn’t think would catch on would be harnesses. They have been a staple in the world of leather. However, these harnesses are not made out of leather. Many of them are made out of neoprene and elastic. They come in many different styles. From the traditional cross over the chest, bulldog (just at the top) and shoulder. Some brands sell them separately or tied in with another pair. The brands making harneeses are Cellblock 13, Maskulo, Garcon Model, Andrew Christian

Cod Pieces

This is a new trend in the world of fetishwear. They aren’t exactly new though. Cod Pieces basically pouches that detach. A lot of the times they are padded. They are to enhance the pouch and show off, well that’s my opinion about them! I have noticed more brands starting to make these in their underwear. The most well known is Maskulo. They have mastered the Cod Piece. Other brands using them are the new Mertailor Men, BodyAware and more.


Just like codpieces, these aren’t new to the world of fetish. Originally they were made for wrestling. To get them you needed to go to a sporting goods store. Now they are designed for play. With cut-outs in the front and back. Brands are designing them to fit in with their other gear. Including making them with codpieces! If you are a fan, like I am, of the traditional wrestling singlets, they are still around! It’s just a more diverse market now! Brands making them are N2N Bodywear, Barcode Berlin, Andrew Christian, 4 Hunks, and more.

These are 5 of the most popular fetish wear styles of the year. I fully expect each fo these to grow and hopefully get a few new trends happening!


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