Swimwear Sunday – Enjoy  the sun in Supa Surf

This year we got more than a few requests to include a few swim shorts in the Swimwear Sunday. It was brought up that sometimes you may be on a family vacation and can’t wear a swim brief. Or maybe, you aren’t quite ready to rock a brief or really don’t feel safe on a beach doing it. For you guys, and we listen to our amazing readers, this week is for those who need a swim short. The pair is the Supa Surf.

The Supa Surf line is a lot of fun! They come in light blue (Ice Cream), Pink (Sharks), Blue (Watermelon), and Navy (Weiners). Each one is a lot of fun. Plus the length of the shorts hits mid-thigh, so it’s not too long, it’s just the right size for a family outing or a swim brief free beach.

The features of this pair are:

  • Quick-dry
  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • Slim fitted
  • Internal mesh

Even if you can’t wear a swim brief you can still wear something fun. The prints are fun and not juvenile to me. The best one is teh weiners. The hot dogs are the best, it can be your way of wearing something fun without anyone knowing. My personal favorite is the pink sharks. I think that pink is an awesome color for men’s swimwear.

Take a look this year at the Supa Wear Supa Surf shorts. If you have a favorite pair of swimwear this year you want us to profile. Make sure you fill out our suggestion form. We are looking for more from you guys, especially brands we may not know. Fill out our form today! Click here to fill out the Swimwear Suggestion form.

COLORS: Ice Cream, Sharks, Watermelon, and Weiners
FABRIC: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large

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