Go Sexy with the New Clever

Clever Moda always has a mix of underwear. It ranges from classic to sexy! The underwear we are going to share today is the sexy undies! There are three new pairs they have released the sexy line. They are Epoch Classic Brief, Centenary Matrix Brief and the Manhattan Matrix Brief.

Clever is known for its mesh undies. The Epoch Classic brief is a mix of a classic brief cut with mesh. The front pouch has what appears to be a semi-mesh pouch and sides and back is all mesh. Allowing you to be sexy without showing it off. The brief has a bigger, classic cut. The waistband and leg openings just scream “Classic”, which is a good thing. Available in classic colors Black and White.

If you’re looking for 100% mesh, the Centenary Matrix Brief is just for youThis smaller cut brief has the Clever waistband you are familiar with, the white has the blue waistband and the black has the red. The high cut sides will allow you to wear during active times or just hanging at home. Note the pair does have a center seam on the pouch. I know some readers don’t care for the seam. It’s just in white and black.

The last pair is the Manhattan Matrix Brief. Let’s say you want mesh underwear but don’t want to show off all the goods. This pair has a mesh fabric that isn’t as see-through as the other two. Basically, you can have the advantages of the mesh without showing off all the goods. The colors are gold and green. They are not super bright tones of either color but still very nice, top it with the waistband and you have a winner.

There are a lot more pairs available from Clever, over the next two weeks we will bring you more of them! You can find all three pairs at Candyman Fashion.

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