Introducing UNB Shawn – Big Time Thong Lover

Hello UNB world! I am so excited to for the honor to put my journalism degree to work here (Finally) at UNB! As your newest, trusted writer here at UNB, you can count on me to KEEP IT REAL. And I mean that I won’t steer you wrong and I will make sure I give not only honest reviews of underwear and swimwear but attempt to bridge the “SO WHAT GAP?” in my writing. But before we get into the ramifications and my world changing soap-box-speech… a little about me so you can frame WHO is exactly reviewing and sharing their, well fine literary and physical assets with you at UNB.

I am a late 20’s, single, straight male who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo (you may have gathered that by this point.) I thoroughly enjoy socializing in the sunshine near the water, exercise, and taking care of my body to the fullest. My underwear story started in High School. Back then in the beginnings of manhood, underwear became a focus for me. I wore boxers as a kid and moved to boxer briefs as I got older, but I don’t know what compelled me or how what exactly happened, but I became thoroughly interested in Men’s Thongs. I like the way girl’s butts looked in them so naturally…I was curious. And well I got several. I tried them on, they not only felt comfortable and functional but I felt sexy. So, this is what growing up is about, right?

Unfortunately, my fears of ridicule kept me from pursuing my thong preference. I was an athlete and I didn’t want to be caught in…gasp*…a thong in front of my teammates. The thought was too stressful for me to deal with and a few short months into my thong days, they were over… Fast forward nearly 8 years later and I had a near death experience far from home and safety. In my life, I am into high adrenaline activities and unfortunately this time it had just been too close…I mean TOO close. That moment marked a change in how and who I live my life for.

Since then, I quickly determined what matters in my life; What people think about my underwear or clothing choices quickly did not matter. Thongs were back in my life. It’s been over a year now and I have never looked back. My nearly 50 pairs of underwear are composed of 90% thongs today and 10% boxer briefs. Frankly, this underwear renaissance for me has been incredible, and surprisingly more accepting from friends and girlfriends over this past year.

A few close friends know and they could care less. The girls in my life who have been well, intimate enough to see my secret have ranged from not really caring to really into my thong wearing self! As a straight male, we often seek our companion’s approval, so far it’s been thumbs up for the girls who know about it!

It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine on this journey. I have received snickers and ridicule for the thongs I wear at the gym, or even swim thongs on the beach. I am here to tell you it is completely worth it. You can’t put a price living your life day in and day out for yourself. Your underwear is a part of that. Consider me as an underwear advisor and life coach. The “SO WHAT GAP?” very much is about WHY you choose to wear your underwear/swimwear. Hopefully, it isn’t for anyone else other than yourself. SO, the “SO WHAT GAP” is bridging the concepts that this blog and these fantastic, creative, functional, and sexy underwear producers are REDEFINING what it means to be a MAN. Remember that. When you put on your underwear, you are not only supporting your goods but YOUR PSYCHE.

I have found that being true to myself and being in touch with who I am is contagious. Everyone wants a piece of you. Whether it’s in dating or friendships or family, you are making the world a happier better place, and people are naturally drawn to you. Help me and let’s keep these good vibes rollin’. Let’s grow this male underwear revolution and I thank you for taking to courage to join me and the rest of the community here at UNB!

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    March 13, 2018

    Nice intro. Glad to see a fearless straight man stepping into the fray.
    But, yeah, Journalism & not English is kinda obvious. LOL


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    March 14, 2018

    Looking forward to your thong reviews!


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