Introducing Olaf Benz in the US

One of the most exciting things I found out about at Magic/Project was that Olaf Benz now has a US distributor. Over the last few years, they have come to the US market but disappeared as soon as they entered. The distributor of Olaf Benz is a great friend of the blog, so when it was told that they were distributing I knew this was not going to be a flash in the pan, and gone. This made me super happy.

Many of you out there know Olaf Benz. It’s kind of a hidden jewel in the world of men’s underwear. Those of us who know it think it’s amazing. Those who don’t know the brand need to find out. I have a few pairs and The Bottom Drawer loves their thongs! Getting the brand invovolved exchange rates, taxes, and customs.

For those of you who don’t know the brand. Olaf Benz is a German brand known for great fabrics, bold colors/prints, and awesome cuts. The underwear is very well made. I have a pair I reviewed in the early days of UNB that I still have and can wear. A pair of underwear that holds up about 8 years is a good thing!

If you want to shop online for the awesome brand, head over to the Boy Next Door Men’s Wear.

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