Poll – Do you wear jocks, results

Jocks are not as popular as thongs right now. I say this because we only had 26 of you guys respond to this poll. Which is fine! Next we’ll make sure to ask more thong questions! 2009 was the year of the jock and they have become a staple of the underwear world. They aren’t going away but they still have a loyal following.

Here are the results of our questions:




Here is what you guys said about why you wear jocks:

  • Comfortable, supportive, sexy
  • They support and they turn me on and hopefully turn others on when wearing
  • Makes me feel sexy, it’s a secret to know I have it on
  • Keep junk contained but otherwise feel naked
  • Love the support. Love feeling sexy, flirty and confident.
  • To see what the big deal is about.
  • Comfort
  • Comfort, sexiness
  • Like the support and freedom of movement when playing sports and and the fashion jocks can be super comfy with some sexiness too!
  • I love them and no sweaty ass when doing gym
  • Love the feel on my butt and good support on front side. also I feel masculine wearing jocks.
  • They keep everything in place when I need to move and I feel more athletic in one.
  • good support while working out — if they have a good pouch. Traditional jocks are binding and very uncomfortable.

This is not a scientific poll by any means but it’s fun to see what you guys think. First, It was very interesting to see that 50% of you guys wear them to work and while participating in sports. I was sure the watching sports would have been higher. Next, date night was number two! This I figured would be lower on the list, but its up top. Lastly, is the Gym.  I know many guys wear them but didn’t expect the number to be so high.

I hope you enjoyed participating in this poll and look for more soon!

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    December 02, 2017

    A few years ago I tossed my jocks and replaced them with thongs. Thongs have better support and fit, and are my preferred underwear for athletic activity.


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      December 03, 2017

      I couldn’t agree anymore, I have a few jockstraps, they’re ok. I prefer to run in thongs. I run 4-5 days per week at the gym. I also wear thongs for daily underwear. They feel like I’m not wearing anything yet give me support. I’ve been wearing thongs for over 15 years and I’ll keep on doing it because they are comfortable.


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    December 03, 2017

    Even though I primarily wear bikinis and thongs , I still find myself wearing a jock. I wear them at least once a week. I find jocks comfortable and great mix up the week no matter if I am at the gym ,at work, or even low key days home.


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    December 26, 2017

    I missed participating in the poll; however, I’m a jockstrap lover. Workout, date, casual, or work, I’m in a jock better than 50%.


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