Aronik continues great design with Ensign Collection

It’s cold and a chance of snow this time of year. So, what makes us want to post about swimwear? It’s because Aronik has released their new Ensign collection! I have seen it on Tumblr and a few other social media outlets but It wasn’t listed on their site. Then this past week I saw it had been released! Well, it’s more of an unveiling than a release. The new collection is available or Pre-order!

The new collection continues on in the tradition that Aronik has set. There are some great solids and stripes (The ones pictured above I call stripes as well even though they are color blocked.) The Aronik guys have an eye or design that makes their suits just pop. When on Instagram or Facebook, I can always tell when it’s theirs, even before seeing any branding.

There is something I like about this collection that I couldn’t put my finger on at first. After thinking about it, I realized it’s they are evolving and taking the swimwear to the next level. Concentrating on things they do right. Those things are the mix of colors. The gray, white and orange are such a great combo. You can’t see in this picture but the gray is a print. Top that with some amazing styles it’s a winning combination.

There are three different prints that could be considered over the top for the brand. Those are the Bomb range. Each is a bright fun color with a very small pint of popsicles, drinks, or a crab. The back is a big Aronik name with a beach print. Super fun. It s unexpected but still super fun.

One last thing is if you are looking for a solid bikini, this is a brand that hasn’t forgotten about you. Their bikini cut is pretty awesome. Make sure you go check out the new Ensign collection!

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