To Subscribe or not Subscribe

Everywhere you look these days, every company, brand and more seem to have their own underwear subscription service. Wait we are pleased to announce…. Not really! We aren’t planning a subscription service. The question is are they worth the money you pay? Will you get pairs that you will actually wear? If you’re paying $20+ a month you want something you will wear on a regular basis. We have a few words of advice when picking an underwear subscription service.

Go with a brand

If you love a brand and they have a service it is worth looking into. First, you know the brand and the quality. The designs, prints, and fabrics won’t come in and you go “what the hell is this?” It’s more likely the brand will send you similar to what you already love. Two brands doing subscriptions are MeUndies and Andrew Christian. MeUndies will send you an awesome print each month in the style you love. Thiers is pretty straightforward. The designs/style will not change. If you want to try some different things Andrew Christian can vary the line they send in a brief. You could get an Almost Naked, trophy boy or more. Pouches could have the Show-it Tech or they could be mesh. Andrew Christian has a lot of different things they could send a month.

Get something new with a retailer

If you love a style such a brief or jock. Sign up with a retailer doing a subscription. They will bring you a new brand every month. This can be good and bad. It can be good because it can expose you to a lot of brands you may not have worn before. You could find a new favorite. On the flip side, if you hate a brand you may get a pair in the subscription. It’s a gamble you will have to take! Most retailers will try to get the best value for the consumer. Always follow up with a brand if they send you something you love or hate. Feedback is always good.

Try something out of the box

Some subscriptions make you pick a style and stick with it. Others will send you anything from a boxer brief to a thong. If you want to expand your horizons why not let the luck of the draw dictate what you get. Or, if you love all kinds of undies, this is perfect for you. You will get sent, randomly, whatever pair they have that month in whatever style. It can be like Christmas and not knowing what you’re going to get till you open the package!

It’s about the money

The last thing to consider is the cost. They vary in costs. It’s smart to shop around and see who is offering the best deal. The cheapest isn’t the best if you’re paying $5 or more for shipping for each pair. Looking into shipping costs is a must. It will add to your subscriptions overall cost. Next, are you signing up for an ongoing monthly basis that you have to cancel or is it for a set

Next, are you signing up for an ongoing monthly basis that you have to cancel or is it for a set time? Double check before you order to see which you are getting. You may only want to try for 3 months but sign up for a year or more. If it is an ongoing subscription, is it easy to cancel your subscription?

If you want to reward yourself I think an underwear subscription is a great way to do it. Shop around and see what the costs are for each of the ones you are interested in purchasing. Most will have some of their past selections. It should give you an overall view of the service. After you deciede on your service determine how long you want the subscription. And then sit back and enjoy as undies show up at your door everymonth!

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    November 14, 2017

    I have definitely been interested in joining a monthly club but noticed that there is really only one that offers a thong option. As a mainly thong wearer it’s kind of disappointing that more options don’t exist with the monthly clubs.


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