Berlin Sports Fetish brand 4 Hunks now at Jockstrap Central

Imported from Berlin and exclusively available at Jockstrap Central in North America, sports fetish brand 4 Hunks is here. Today we launched both a hot new jockstrap and even hotter wrestling singlet made of see-through mesh with an open back design. Here’s more details about the 4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap and 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlet:

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4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap:

Totally unique and designed to enhance both your front and back. From the front, the Thunder Jock looks like a sexy low-rise brief, made with a clever double walled pouch. The inner layer is red or yellow and the outer layer a perforated mesh in black, the contrasting effect is stunning with the inner color shining through the mesh holes emphasizing that bulge of yours. The fabric is incredibly soft with just the right amount of stretch so the fit is impeccable. Sturdy half inch wide black piping is masculine, providing superior extra support. With the 4H logo on the left side.

The front pouch continues around back, narrowing as it goes to become the “waistband”. While not traditional, the natural stretch of the fabric does its job and in many ways, is much more comfortable than a conventional elastic band. But that’s not all, need a butt lifting experience? The extra wide straps will do the trick. Made with a strip of the inner pouch material and reinforced with black piping on each side.

Catcher Lad Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlet

The Catcher Lad Wrestling Singlet is the epitome of what sports fetish is all about: reinventing and elevating what is already by nature the object of sports fantasies. While traditional singlets are tight and subtly revealing, there’s nothing subtle about this one; with its exposed chest, dangerously low waistline, see through contoured pouch and completely exposed rear, they’ll be lining up to wrestle you and pin you to the ground just to cop a feel.

Made totally of a see-through mesh with paneled ergonomic pouch to naturally contain your bulge, with a stretch that clings to your junk showing it off to perfection. From the front, it looks like a pair of low-rise mesh shorts with matching upper shoulder restraints, exposing as much of your front as possible. From the back, a unique split panel design exposes your ass, and as if that alone doesn’t draw enough attention, white piping edge the opening to help with target practice (for your tongue perhaps?) A narrow band travels up your back to meet the shoulder panel also edged with white piping and includes a second smaller 4H logo.

Finally, the icing on the cake is an included matching arm band with the make-a-statement 4 Hunks Berlin logo.


The jockstrap comes in either yellow and black or red and black and the singlet comes in black and red (the most revealing), blue and white or white and blue. Head on over to Jockstrap Central to see our new model Matthew Eldracher (more on him below) in all the new 4 Hunks Gear.

Wondering who that new guy is in all the new 4 Hunks gear? Well, wonder no longer. He’s our latest discovery and his name is Matthew Eldracher. We’ve been trying to get him him to model for months, but finally the stars aligned. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Matthew is a jack of all trades, by profession, he’s a dancer and actor but we met him during his moonlighting job working as a performer (and when I say performer, I really mean stripper) at Flash Nightclub here in Toronto. It’s the bar we host our Thursday Jock Nights each week.

There are a LOT of awesome dancers at Flash, but Matthew stands out, not only because he’s sexy, dirty, flirty and hot, but he often climbs up the pole, hangs from the rafters and manages to strip out of his pants while hanging. Seriously, if you’re in Toronto, you HAVE to see this guy dance.

Beyond his unreal talent, his good looks, naturally hairy body and perfect dick and balls (you’ll be seeing that soon) he’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and a dream to work with. Guaranteed, this is just the first in many more photo shoots coming up.

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