Thonging on Miami Beach by UNB Ryan

Booty.  Booty.  Booty.  Omg, what else can I say about Miami?  I have been on work travel for the past couple of weeks and managed to squeeze in a beach day in South Beach Miami before heading home to North Carolina.  I stayed at a Hilton property across the street from the beach, as my employer was footing the bill, so not in one of the beachfront resorts, but who’s to complain when you get to visit South Beach for free right?

Being an avid thong wearer, I wasn’t too concerned, as Miami is the place to see and be seen.  I saw countless thongs on women, and sadly I was the only guy in one.  However, there were a lot of guys in speedos, square-cuts, and the like.  I saw a mix of people on the beach, guys, girls, young, old; everyone seemed to be on the beach last Saturday!  As Miami has almost year-long pleasant temperatures and warm water, it is the perfect place to sunbathe and swim in the ocean.

I started the day off at 8:30-9:00 at Collins and 26th in Mid South Beach.  Since I stayed across the street, I didn’t feel 100% comfortable just walking from the room in a thong.  I put on a pair of “acceptable” shorts and walked across the street to the beach to start my day.  I was able to score a lounge chair on the front row of the beach.  I quickly slipped off my shorts down to my thong bikini and started to spread out my towel and belongings.  One of the beach staff came right over to ask if I wanted an umbrella or cushion for the lounger.  I accepted the cushion and declined the umbrella-it’s Miami, and I’m here for the sunshine right?

I spend the morning lounging in a hot pink Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga (which is completely a thong), occasionally getting up to get in the water or walk around.  The beach had a drink stand just behind the lounge area, and I was completely comfortable walking around or through the beach crowd to get a drink or to get into the water.  I got up many times throughout the day, walking around and checking out the scenery, getting in the water, and going about to take pictures.  I stayed on the beach until after 5:00 when the sun started to disappear behind the hotels.  I remained on the beach for a while after the sun went away and then walked down the boardwalk to the beach shower where I cleaned up and changed back into my clothes and walked back to my hotel.

I had no negative interactions with anyone on the beach, and all of the beach staff were utterly hospitable.  They stopped by every so often to see if I needed anything such as a drink, new towel, or umbrella.  I made small talk with a few of the people I saw throughout the day, and no one said anything to me other than to compliment me on my suntan.  I cannot wait until my next visit to South Beach-if you ever get the chance to do not hesitate to go.  This was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had wearing a thong swimsuit in a public place.  I can’t think of any other way to describe Miami other than to say I felt entirely at ease in Miami wearing a thong and that is felt completely normal!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve visited anywhere in Miami and worn a thong or similar minimal swimwear.


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