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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the first post of a new ongoing series, entitled “Show us your drawers!”(Note: If you can think of a better name, feel free to use that instead.) This series is a place for you the reader to show of your collection and storage method. This will be a blast! We are starting off with a look at all the guys who make up UNBs’ drawers, beginning with..me!

I originally had all my underwear in the same place it had been for years: at the bottom drawer of a dresser, tossed in along with my socks. As my collection grew, I began wanting more space, and eventually became enamored with the idea of under-bed storage. I loved the idea of being able to roll over in bed in the morning, pull open a drawer, and pick out my pair for the day while still in bed. Sadly, while this pair of built in’s doesn’t make that dream a reality, it does hold all my pairs. The drawers don’t pull out all the way either, which means there are a few more pairs not seen in the picture and can make putting pairs in the back annoying. I have so many pairs I don’t just have one underwear drawer, but two!

The first picture is of my daily wear drawer. There you will find briefs, boxers, trunks, and a few semi-skimpy pairs. This si the stuff I wear day to day, the stuff I feel I would be ok to be seen in, etc. The organizer therein is one i’ve had for decades that was originally meant for socks I believe but was repurposed.


The other picture shows my skimpy drawer, with, left to right- jocks, thongs, and bikinis, as well as a small spot in the back left behind the jocks for pairs for special occasions. Also, yes, the bikinis and thongs are separated by those that have a waistband, and those that do not, thanks for noticing! The organizer in here is from Bed Bath and Beyond, but It doesn’t quite fit well enough. I guess that’s the downside about buying under the bed drawers that match your bed from a group that doesn’t offer organization for them. I like how everything looks folded, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it up. It’s a lot of work! I own slightly over 100 pairs, which can make laundry day a real pain in the butt.

Want to show us your underwear drawer? Send in your submission to info@underwearnewsbriefs.com with the word “Drawer” in the subject line, along with a photo of your underwear drawer and a short description if you would like. Check in next week for a look at another drawer from a UNB guy!

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    October 07, 2017

    Great article for the first of this blog. You have encouraged me to store my underwear in compartments like you have. My underwear, however, is mostly comprised of g-strings, the skimpier the better. I like the light weight feel a lot. Plus being something of s show-off, I like the idea of possibly being seen while wearing a pair.
    Actually I have lived a social nudist lifestyle for over 20 years. I never wear clothes at home.Fortunately I live alone and can go nude all I want. I look forward to reading all your posts!! -Tim Hutcherson


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