Review – Joe Snyder Bulge Enhancement Lace Bulge Bikini

I purchased the Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini in black lace on a whim because I found it on sale.

Rating: 7.6/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 6/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10


  • Super soft lace fabric
  • Snug fitting stretchy pouch accentuates your package
  • Comfortable for all-day wear


  • Some guys will be hesitant to wear a lace fabric
  • Fabric unraveled slightly after only two wears
  • Lace fabric only available in two colors

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: As an avid thong wearer, I cannot recommend this suit enough.  I normally wear thongs for underwear and swimwear and was hesitant to try a different cut, especially in a lace fabric.  The way Joe Snyder coupled the two components of this suit together is unique.  I thought that the lace fabric choice would be much more effeminate than it ended up being.  The lace just feels completely normal and doesn’t look out of place on my figure to me.  I also thought it would be much more uncomfortable and itchy to wear all day long.  The lace used in this suit is very soft and stretchy and stays in place all day long, which is a complaint I have had with trying bikinis in the past.  I will be purchasing more suits in lace fabrics!

I have come to appreciate and enjoy the Joe Snyder brand both as underwear and swimwear.  They are one of the brands that are a “crossover” between underwear and swimwear and give you the opportunity to wear them year round.  I have many pairs of Joe Snyder suits and various cuts and colors and will continue to buy from them.  The pair I am reviewing today is the Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini in black lace.  I was honestly a little hesitant to buy these due to both the cut and fabric choice, but for the cost, I had to give them a try and see what the fuss was all about.  I am normally strictly a thong wearer and do not usually stray away from them to try anything different, but the Joe Snyder brand has made me more curious about different styles.  While not as much out of my “comfort zone” as say a jock or a normal swim brief they are certainly not the norm for me due to the style and lace fabric!  I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the bikini cut coupled with the lace fabric.  The cut is well suited for long-term wear, and the lace fabric is very stretchy and feels gerat against the skin without being itchy like I thought a lace fabric might have been.

I have worn these on two separate occasions, once for a full day at work, and another on a date night to the movies.  Both times were an enjoyable experience, and I honestly forgot that I was wearing them.  These are not a constant reminder that you are wearing them, and just feel nice the entire time you have them on.  Even with the “bulge” feature they are not overtly pronounced under a pair of dress slacks or uncomfortable under a pair of jeans.  They hold your package in a semi-forward position without being so pronounced that you’d be self-conscious about wearing them under your clothes in public.  I liked the fit so much that I have already bought them in another color and will likely expand my collection further to include more in the future.

This suit is well constructed but didn’t live up to my expectations for the Joe Snyder brand.  I have bought many pairs of Joe Snyder underwear/swimwear, and this was the first pair I have personally seen that showed obvious signs of wear so quickly.  This pair started to unravel along one of the seams where the straps meet between the pouch and the back panel, and while I think it is partly due to the lace fabric, I still wasn’t 100% happy with the construction.  Putting the construction of this particular pair aside, I am in love with the cut of this suit, which is surprising, because I am a huge proponent of thongs!  The cut of this suit is super comfy for all day/night wear, doesn’t cut into your skin anywhere, and stays put remarkably well for a Brazilian style bikini and doesn’t ride up.

Joe Snyder suits and underwear have always been true to size for me.  I have bought numerous thongs, the current bikini, and various brief and boxer-style suits and a size small always fits the same.  This suit was no exception as I bought it in size small and it fit me perfectly.  From the waist sizing to the pouch, it fits very similar to any of the other Joe Snyder products.

To summarize, this is a well-constructed suit that can be worn year round.  The construction falls a little short of what I’ve come to expect from the Joe Snyder brand, but I’m hoping that it was an isolated incident and I won’t let it stop me from buying another pair.  If I could ask Joe Snyder to change anything I would say that I’d love to see more color or design choices in their lace fabrics.  Different, brighter choices and pattern variations would add a lot of diversity to this line.  Give this option a try in your rotation, and I am confident you will be surprised at how much you find yourself liking them!


BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Bulge Bikini
COLORS: The lace line is available in black or white lace.  Other colors available in the line include yellow, wine, white, turquoise, red, purple, black, navy, pink, white mesh, black mesh, royal, metal black, rainbow, nude, and camo
FABRIC: Black Lace 80/20% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $26.00 through Joe Snyder online store-I was able to purchase mine on sale at Amazon for $14.95
Where to buy: Joe Snyder or Amazon




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