Swimwear Sunday – Go to Ibiza with Tribe

Looking for something different for the beach? Why not try something metallic, such as the Tribe Ibiza swimwear. It’s a set of three metallic fabrics in a swim brief. When I first saw this pair in person it’s super sexy. You may be going, “WHOA, metallic isn’t that over the top?” This isn’t a silver or gold lame. It’s more of a brushed metallic over bright and shiny.

Why is this the Swimwear Sunday?

It’s different! Who wants to just wear a simple black brief to the beach and that’s it. You should have several pairs of swimwear each season. You need some classic and some super fun. If you get invited to a pool party, be the one standing out in gold or silver (Yes, they have black but not your typical black).

Tribe has been a band we have covered over the years. I remember one of our first swimwear guides they participated in, and they have grown over the years. Now they are getting back to basics but also trying some new things. I think they are one of the most underrated swimwear companies on the market right now. They currently have about 45 pairs of swimwear!

The Ibiza is just a lot of fun. The metallics are not one you would normally see in swimwear. It’s not over the top but more classic and fun. These are made to wear everyday wear to the beach. If you did a gold/silver lame it’s not about wearing often, it really doesn’t have stretch. We chose the low rise brief, but they have a boy brief (cut bigger) and a trunk. I think most UNB Guys will want the low rise.

The pair is made out of 100% polyester and lined in the front. It’s as they say on the website, designed to grab attention. This will get you plenty of attention. It’s available in black, gold and silver. We hope you will check Tribe out!

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