Bodysuits – Have you tried one?

Bodysuits Have You Tried OneWho out there has tried bodysuits? I’m talking about the ones that look similar to a leotard and not full body. They fit in with bikini and thongs with their association of being feminine. They might get that rap even more so.

I have tried out a few about 10 years ago. The ones I tried had the tank top style cut top and I saw them as underwear and undershirt in one. I had a thong cut and two bikini/brief cuts. The only issue I had with the ones I tried is using the restroom. Two of the three would require you to remove your shirt to get your arms out of the bodysuit to pull it down to go potty. If you had to pee then you could slip yourself out the side. The other one had snaps in the crotch that was a better design for restroom use, but then you had to get them snapped again. If in a public bathroom at a urinal, people might wonder what you were doing.

For me they ended up being mainly sleepwear, since they would be a pain for restroom use away from the house. I did use one as base layer for cross-country skiing. I could also see them for short term wear like working out.

This post came about because UNBTim pointed out that he’s seeing more brands offering them like Bodyaware and Pistol Pete. That got me looking to see what is being offered out there in bodysuits for guys now. My one pair was from Bodyaware and was the one I liked best. They have added five bodysuit versions to their line recently. That brings their total to 9 different bodysuits. Two of the new ones have no opening between the legs, two have snap closures, and the one has full front zipper. What I like about some of the ones I’m seeing now is that they are making them look like shirts. Pistol Pete has ones that look like hoodies. Though most bodysuits look like they are tight fitting shirts. Even came across a site that you could get polo looking ones. Another brand that I see offering some bodysuits is Rufskin, which says theirs are ideal for high endurance exercise. They definitely do look that way.

In the end, the bodysuit never caught on with me. I do find the ones that are looking like shirts interesting, but I like my outwear shirt to be a looser fit. If they didn’t cost so much, maybe I would give them another try. At this point I do not want to pay that much for something I might not wear. What are your experiences with bodysuits that look like leotards?

Here’s some of the examples I mentioned above:

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