FETISH FRIDAY: Mamma Bones and her DragonSwag

Hey you fantastic sexy kinksters,

Welcome to October! I hope you all are starting to think about your halloween looks? I have mine already decided mostly because I’m in a show through the 2nd half of October playing a time travelling clockwork doll humanoid (it’s a halloween circus show, get into it!). If you are more of a store bought costume kind of guy, I wish you a good find. If you are more of a crafty stud armed with a sewing machine and a dream, I wish you luck, and please remember, no good sewing happens after 2 am (trust me.) If you’re new to the column,  you’ll know that one of my careers is as a costume designer/seamster, so I’m really into fiber arts. Some of you might remember my profile on KnittyGrittyNYC and his fantastic knit jockstraps. Well, today, I have another super sexy find from the craft world that I want you all to know about. This time, I am keeping it in the family, the daughter of the featured designer today is a colleague and friend of mine in the local Boston performance world, and I am delighted to share her mom’s work with you.


What happens when you take a witchy knitter, metal scales, and a passion for imagination? You get DragonSwag by Mamma Bones (“Comfy yet badass”). You have seen knit arm gauntlets, and shrugs, you may have seen them beaded, but have you ever seen them with DRAGON SCALES!?


Mamma Bones knits these amazing creations herself, using wool yarn, aluminum punched scales, and a bad-ass imagination. She has many items up on her Etsy page, but is also really cool with custom ideas, and constantly makes work for the local Boston performer community tailored to their needs.


A specialty of Mamma Bones is the DragonSwag gauntlets. Available at any length, these fingerless gloves convert your arms into sexy scaled armour arms. These can be found in solid colors, analogous color schemes, or some really cool contrast patterns. The luxury of DragonSwag is you get all the super bad-ass perks of having some serious metal hugging your body, but you get to just feel super comfy knit yarn on your skin, so avoiding the discomfort.


Mamma Bones has done bras and panties for female bodies before, I think i need to put in a request for a sexy jockstrap/harness situation. If you want something pre-made for Halloween, maybe this is the Etsy page you’ve been looking for. If you’re willing to wait (every custom piece is made to order), you can order your own ideas and color combo items for your future dragony dress up needs.

I love how many materials I’ve discovered on my fetish friday journey. So far, we have encountered leather, spandex, rubber, neoprene, knitting, knitting with scales, sequins, lace. Not to mention all the fun creations we’ve witnessed together.

Mamma Bones has a few different places to check out:

ETSY Shop: BisouKnits

DragonSwag Website

Facebook Page for BisouKnits

Send me sexy pictures if you get her work. Bonus points for creative posing.

Until next time folks,

Keep it Kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out!

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