Brief Distracton featuring a TBT from UnderGear


One brand that I know a lot of our readers miss is UnderGear. They are one of the main ways many of us got our underwear back in the day. Some of us called in and others shopped online. The BodyTech was a line that was exclusive to UnderGear. It’s still hard to believe one of the monolith companies in the world of underwear is gone!

UnderGear was a shop that shaped so many of us out there. A lot of guys were first exposed to underwear outside of Hanes and FOTL. It showed them that there were more than tighty whities and boxers. Bikinis, thongs and more were styles that were for men as well.

I reviewed these back in the day and still have them with the matching shirt. We definitely miss them and were hoping they would be revived in some way. But as of this post they are still MIA.

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