Show off in the New Pikante for Fall 2016

pikante-2006-2-8678_grape_1What doesn’t the new Pikante line have? No serious, someone please tell me what it doesn’t have.

  • Solids? Check
  • Fun prints? Check
  • Mesh? Check
  • Very, very shapely wear? Check
  • More compact pouches? Check
  • Thick waistbands? Check
  • Thin waistbands? Check
  • Traditional cuts? Check
  • Unconventional cuts? Check

But want to know the craziest part? It is all a very cohesive line. You can see the same train of thought connecting all of these seemingly contradictory or opposite aspects. The juxtaposition offers something for everyone and lots of things for anyone.

Two fun thongs to check out: PIK 8024 and PIK 8026. One features trick or treat candy prints and a nice, compact pouch. The other features bubble gum piece prints and is a very shapely, anatomical pouch. Both are solid designs letting you choose the style that fits them the best. Others feature Ice Cream prints and paper boat prints, prints for everyone.

For a really adventurous pair, try the cock sock ice cream thong. (see the site for the dare to wear style.)

If solids are more your thing then check out their Cherry Pie section. This piece of the collection features solid fabric choices in bold colors. The designs seem to be a bit more traditional as well, if that is your cup of tea. They also have some more options in the Hippie part of the line, a few more color options to mix things up.

And for mesh lovers look no further than the Pina Colada pairs and the Rock and Roll pairs. A mix of mesh and solids that will help please all.

Personally, the BubbleGum briefs are my favorite. They are very cute. A fun little cut with a cute print.

Other items include jockstraps, additional thongs, anatomical briefs and more. Like I said, there is something for everyone in this line, you just got to look. Find them all at Candyman Fashion

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