Dare to Wear the New PetitQ for Fall

Well the dynamic duo behind Petit Q has done it again. The cuts, the peak a boos, the strings, flings and things are all back in Petit Q’s new line out now. The new pairs continue to push the edge of erotic underwear. Combining multiple styles, atypical fabrics, and burlesque-esque silhouettes.

Let’s take a look at a few that definitely caught my eye:

The Mini-Trunk Jock (PQ160602) mesh is an interesting take on the jock/thong combo style. It has the leg straps that lift up the cheeks to give any butt a nice bounce. It also has the teasing string that covers…a little bit. However part of the interesting thing is that this is being done in mesh. The (in this case) white mesh pair stands apart from others of a similar styles. This gives it that even more erotic edge. The front part of the pair is pretty gosh darn adorable. It looks like a hip brief or bikini in shape but the pouch has its own piping that gives it a very cool look. If the mesh was dark blue you’d almost have an amazing navy look about the front. Regardless, I love it. It’s definitely one to add to your erotic section.

Now onto the Bikini Rift Splash (PQ160409) and the Bikini Riviera (PQ160410). These cute brief style pairs have the alluring peak-a-boo cuts. That I generally associate with Petit Q. Using the piping as the “waistband” the pair is able to carry the print/color juxtaposition throughout the pair. The dark, solid color contracting with the semi-dark print gives it this sultry. Almost rainforest feel, a little hot, a little humid, a lot erotic. Naturally, the cuts are just enough. Like seeing into an apartment window from the street just as someone is about to disrobe. It’s exciting. This pair stays very true to what first made Petit Q a standout.

The Kini Massalla (PQ160601) is a style I must admit, I have not seen before. The see through material.  Either in black or turquoise (go turquoise) is a seductive feature for the mostly all covered backside. It is the front, however, that really draws the attention on this piece. You will find a pouch to place your package and a thin waistband helping hold up the pair. But otherwise, that’s about all you’ll find. A large pelvic window sits about the pouch on this pair. Once your pants are down, brush, trim or shave won’t be a question one needs to ask. It’s provocative, much like the cuts in the last pair, skin, skin, skin but not…the rest.

There are so many more pairs to see in this latest from Petit Q but these were some early leap outs for me. Check out more and try some on for yourself…or for someone else.

Find all these pairs at Candyman Fashion!


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