FETISH FRIDAY: Mr S Leather Chap Short

Hello my beautiful deviants and fantastic miscreants,

I hope you are all welcoming the slightly cooler weather. Maybe putting away your summer fetish wears. Transitioning your winter kink wardrobe out of the closet. For those of you in the bay area, or willing to travel, this weekend is the superb Folsom Street Fair! Every year, this is a major event featuring vendors, celebrities of the leather/porn industry. Fantastic public displays of kink and whimsy. I haven’t gone, but I really want to figure out going next year. It sounds like it’s the Diagon Alley of Leather world (you Harry Potter fans got me, right?). So, as a reader of Fetish Friday, you probably have a nice array of kinky jocks and thongs by now. So why not, get a really nice frame to put that masterpiece in. Today, I present to you, the Chap Short from Mr. S Leather (fitting tribute to Folsom Street as Mr. S is based in San Fran).


These chap shorts are made out of super premium garment leather. The waistband buckles in front. It has lacing up the back of the waistband for further adjustment. Featuring a 5” inseam, you will not be hiding those gorgeous thigh muscles. With these chap shorts, you get full access, front and back; perfect for all occasions. Holsters on the side, allow you to keep phone, money, keys. I’d suggest keeping the sides low profile, so the bulge in center is the focus.


Everything about this is black, leather, hardware, thread, lacing…you can use this for fun, or as part of your naughty burglar costume for Halloween. I can tell you from experience (sadly, not owning, but shopping in the Mr. S Leather store in San Fran), their leather quality control is superb. I know you’ll feel like you’re in sexy time heaven in these shorts.


The sizing for these is kind of cool. You pick a thigh measurement, and it allows 2 options for waist measurements (both which include wiggle room because of the buckle and lacing). So, what style are you gonna rock, a leather jock underneath? Or how bout a surprise and get a fancy shimmery spandex thong to go bold with contrast? A chainmail pouch? You can choose anything in your arsenal, the world is your oyster.


To get this chap short, go to the Mr. S Leather website (please note, the things being worn that cover the junk in these pics are not part of the chap).

If any of you are going to Folsom, please take pictures and send them to me, I’ll be here, sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, wishing I was there.

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