A Pre-Encounter with Anatomical Pouches



I’ve always been into underwear. Since the age of 11 or 12, the idea being fashionable under my pants has always intrigued me. At times, people have made fun of my underwear choices. For the most part friends and family think that what I wear down below is simply a matter of choice. My choice to decide what is comfortable and what is fashionable. I truly believe that we should wear what we enjoy and what we like.

The men’s underwear industry is one of the (if not the) fastest growing markets in fashion. I remember the days when men wore bikinis and thongs. The early 1990’s seemed to promulgate the cause. The problem was that there just simply wasn’t a lot to choose from. Today, there are hundreds of brands to peruse online and make the perfect selection.

Several Valentine Days ago. As the Internet was becoming an option for shopping. I logged on to a popular women’s lingerie site to order my wife something special. I searched for the perfect set of fire engine red skimpiness that I thought she’d look great in. I made the purchase and got the confirmation receipt. As I was preparing to log off of the Internet, I had a flash of brilliance. What if I bought myself something to match what I bought her? I immediately began perusing known men’s underwear outlets online.

That led me to my first pre-encounter with an anatomical pouch. Why the pre-encounter label? Simple—anatomical pouches were not an option back then. I just assumed that the design was a fluke. After all, 2Xist was producing contour pouches along with UnderGear. That idea was throwing the industry in a tailspin. Full anatomicalness was nowhere on the radar.

Back to the story. I came across a retailer that I’d never purchased from before—BodyAware. They had some really Unknownawesome edgy looking stuff. I did a simple search for “red” (remember, I want to match what I bought my wife). Up popped this very sexy mesh pouch G.—the Gossamer String It matched, so I purchased. I remember getting the pair in the mail. Not much to them at all. The string portion in the back. Had a cool teardrop pattern where the waistband met the crack string—pretty awesome indeed!

I tried them on. I straightened out the stringiness and untwisted the G-string portion. I noticed that my manhood seemed to hang naturally and freely. I grabbed the pouch and immediately enjoyed the complete freedom of movement. The ergonomically design stuck out to me. If only I had the foresight to see underwear production potential. BodyAware had pre-hooked me on what I now have exclusively in my collection.

Some of you are reading this and wanting to know how my wife reacted. She thought it was great! I’ll leave the details of the rest of the night locked in the vault of discussion that only she and I have the key to. At any rate, an addiction was birthed. I just didn’t realize it yet!

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