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My family recently trekked across the Pacific Ocean (not really—we actually flew) to move to our new home—HAWAII!!! We have really enjoyed eating local food, attending luaus, and attempting to hit as many beaches as possible. We are really having a blast. The only downside is that I went without an address for so long that I have not been able to get very many new pairs of briefs and bikinis to add to my collection. I now have an address and will commence the receiving of the world’s finest underwear!

Hawaii is an interesting place. The local culture is warm and inviting and the central focus is on the ocean. Ocean life is something to explore on a daily basis. Granted, there are a few mainland amenities that are intriguing as well. For instance, the water park looks like most water parks you’d see around the world. There is one distinct difference—people wear THONGS to go down slides and swim in the wave pull. This is a small minority, but seems to be accepted by everyone. Occasionally, you will get a really traditional male pacific islander that wears something super skimpy. Kind of blows away the idea that men’s fashion swimwear is unacceptable except on gay beaches.

One culture that I frequently give into. But need to branch out of my comfort zone to what I’m more comfortable wearing is the BOARDSHORT culture. BOARDSHORTS are everywhere. I wear them every time I go to the beach and fit right in with the rest of the male beachgoers. There are several problems with BOARDSHORTS:

  1. BOARDSHORTS have no liner. This simply causes everything to hang free and loose. Leaves nothing to the imagination when you get out of the water.
  2. There is way too much material to be able to swim through the ocean unencumbered. I find the excessive material often causes chafing as well. Once you start walking around because they take forever to dry.
  3. BOARDSHORTS prevent good even tanning from taking place. Because ¾ of your legs are covered by bulky material. Looks funny when you wear shorter shorts out to dinner or shopping at the mall.

Because I am an introvert and try to fit in everywhere I go. I give into the uncomfortable trend of wearing BOARDSHORTS. To combat problem #1, I always wear a swim brief so the boys fell support. I call this the BOARSHORT—BIKINI CULTURE. Every time I go to the beach, I want to take the BOARDSHORTS off to be able to swim faster, get my legs tanned, and prevent chaffing. I never do.

I know that we have written several pieces over the summer that deal with this subject. I really just wanted to get my thoughts out there to see if any of you are experiencing the same types of feelings. I seriously live in a tropical paradise that accepts people for who they are not what they wear. The only person who truly cares about what I’m seen is. . .ME! What do you say? Let’s be trendy and fashionable. More importantly, let’s be ourselves! Goodbye BOARDSHORT—BIKINI CULTURE. Hello ME!

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    August 24, 2016

    Sounds familiar though I wear trunks, but the netting liner is pretty useless. I’ve decided if I really want to wear a swim brief to the beach then it has to be regular shorts over them otherwise the trunks will stay on. Now just have to try that theory out next time I’m heading to the beach. Sounds like you are now in a great place to break away from the swim shorts fab, so go let your swim briefs see Hawaii too.


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