Big Boys–The Company that Sold Me on Trunks


Let me state up front. My underwear drawer is full of two requirements that until recently have been non-negotiable: 1.) Briefs (bikinis count) and 2.) Anatomical Pouches. That’s right—If you want to get me a gift, align with those two categories and it’s a sure success. This combination is the staple of my collection.

One of the exciting things about being on the team at UNB centers on the exploration of new styles. Admittedly, it’s hard to get me to see past my bias. Occasionally a review pair will show up in the mail. That is neither of the two aforementioned categories. They BLOW ME OUT OF THE WATER. That happened recently and I want to share my experience with you.

Not long ago, I made contact with the guys at Big Boys Pants. A UK based men’s underwear company that a couple of brothers got together to start a few years back. The reason they started the company will make an awesome post in the future. The bottom line—they were tired of buying designer underwear that left them in a bind. The result—the manliest, most comfortable, anatomically correct men’s underwear on the market. That’s a lot coming from an anatomical snob like myself and I don’t say it lightly.

That’s not even the kicker. The fellows at Big Boys sent me a brief, a thong, and trunk to try out. I knew I’d love the brief, was leery about the thong, and certain I’d hate the trunk. Trunks just don’t do anything for me but right up my legs and bunch up in the most uncomfortable way. Boy was I wrong.

I’m wearing the Big Boys trunk as I type and want a dozen more for the collection. What’s so fabulous about this trunk?

  • The softest fabric I’ve ever put on. 95% Modal and 5% Elestane combine to create an exhilarating second skin feel. That I’d put up against any of the big brands. The 1 ½ inch waistband is soft, non-binding, and slimming. The leg bands are perfect. To top it off, the fabric is seemed in the pouch area (which by the way is how they get the anantomical design). It leaves no embarrassing lines on the seat of the pants (slipping into UK talk)—I mean underwear.
  • Price point—Something this comfortable should not be so affordable. Compared some other brands that charge upwards of $30 to $40 for something this amazing. Big Boys price point for their trunk is only $18. What?!? That’s insane. To make the deal sweeter, they offer multi-pack discounts. These guys are incredible!
  • All of their styles come in multiple color selections with the same mesmerizing fabric. Beware when you are searching; they call their trunk a low-rise brief. Must be another language barrier issue that I’m willing to overcome for this deal of a lifetime. Not only that, they have a US based site that offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 06.17.41

I cannot overstate how much I despise trunks. However, this Big Boys will go down in history as the COMPANY THAT SOLD ME ON TRUNKS!


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