Review – N2N Bodywear Eclipse Brief

n2n Bodywear Daredevil (1)N2N Bodywear furnished the N2N Eclipse Swim Brief

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Cute cut, mix of colors, sexy as you’d expect.

Cons: A bit tight, light weight fabric can be revealing (might also go in the Pro column, you decide).

Beau Briefs recommendation: If the color combos really speak to you then this is a good classic cut pair to get.

Good lord I love swim season! Trying on new pairs, finding new colors that you never would have worn before. Knowing when a cut is just right for you, and the list goes on. The Eclipse swim briefs are another great example of fine swim wear from N2N. I recently review the N2N Stellar Sport and the two share a lot of the same excellent qualities. One of the things that all N2N things share, and that I know is a very proud thing for their creator and founder. Is that they are all made in L.A., and I think deserves a shout out!

The cut of N2N’s swim briefs are top notch. The cut up the leg from the crotch is both alluring and yet still fully covering (for those who want to fully cover). The swoop of the cut is just so to nicely highlight the bulge while also giving just amount of highlight to those toned legs. I think we all wish we have (I should hit the gym today…). So needless to say, I am a big fan of the construction and cut of this pair. If you love a good, classic speedo I have a feeling you will love it too.

The color was at first worrisome to me. I must confess I have never really worn olive… and when I saw what other colors it came in I was seeing red. No literally, it comes in red, blue, and orange. However, as we all must sometimes admit, I was wrong. The olive is actually an extremely flattering color. Now given my complexion I am either one shade darker than Elmer’s Glue or I am pleasantly light gold. I found both of those work nicely with the olive. Other skin tones and colors play very well with olive as I went online to look up. So shame on me for assuming it drab because as the end rhyme would suggest it’s actually fab.

Now I did run into the two same ellipses inspiring issues that are not actually problems they are just…how things are. First, the sizing on the butt is an issue for me. My waist and all is not a Medium but my butt often is not a Small. Where is my Smedium?!?!? The pair is still completely wearable and actually brings the butt in tighter given the circumstances. The second…issue… is that when things are…distinct down in the package area it can sometimes be semi (hehehe) visible. Now, as I stated in the beginning, decide for yourself whether that goes in the Pros or Cons column.

Overall these are a fine, playful, and as it is N2N, naturally sexy pair of swim briefs. They are well made and the cut and construction is lovely. They are fun and flattering, from the color to the color contrasting swoop on the front. And they are sexy. So stun them all on the beach in blue, red, orange, or olive and you’ll have them all green with envy.

Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: EC1 Eclipse Swim Brief

Colors: Olive/black, Blue/white, Red/white

Fabric: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $24.00

Furnished by: N2N Bodywear

Buy at:  https://n2nbodywear.com/collections/eclipse/products/ec1-eclipse-sport

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