Review – Junk UnderJeans JunkX Jockstrap

productview1-343Junk UnderJeans furnished the Junk X Jockstrap for review

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Great Junk X Pouch, Cool design, fun colors available

Cons: Waistband rolled on me during wear

UNB Tim recommendation: I liked the design of the jock and the pouch made this a good jock. The pair did roll on me I’m not sure if it was the design or just an issue I had. It is a great jock I would recommend.

I have a whole series of Junk X to review. I have already posted the Junk X Brief review. I was looking forward to the jock. productview2-343The first is because of the pouch. The second reason is I really enjoyed the brief. One thing that has impressed me with Junk UnderJeans is the quality. They make very well made underwear.

The design of the jock is a bit different than I am used too. It has the straps attached right above the pouch. Rather than on the side, like other jocks. When I slid on the pair on it took me a minute to get it situated. After it was in place, I liked the fit. The pouch of the Junk X line is a really good pouch. It’s a bit bigger than the traditional pouches Junk UnderJeans makes. It fit pretty well through out the day.

I wore this pair to work one day. I felt that a job where I had to be on the go would be perfect for a jock. I wore it and it held up pretty well. I haven’t worn many jocks to my job. After wearing this one it’s making me double think that decision. The only thing that happened with the jock was the waistband kept rolling. Pleep didn’t have this problem with his jock from Junk UnderJeans. I don’t know if its the way I am built or what was going on. I didn’t notice it till later in the day. It wasn’t uncomfortable, sometimes when waistbands roll they get twisted and uncomfortable. This didn’t bother me at all.

The sizing with Junk UnderJeans is pretty spot on. They have standard sizes. The X-Large I received fit pretty well. I don’t think you will have many sizing issues on Junk UnderJeans. Just follow the sizing guide and you should have no issues.

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
PAIR: Junk X Jock
COLORS: Green, black, royal and red
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

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