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Guest: Salvatore

Beau: We’re back drawing up our perfect drawers on the Pouch Couch. This week Salvatore is painting us a Pouch Perfect Picture.

Beau: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

Salvatore: Because I am totally into the anatomical pouch—actually obsessed, this is key and crucial for my selection of underwear.  Certain brands specialize in this natural feel and look. Other brands sometimes stumble upon the same affect accidentally.  


Beau: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

Salvatore: Synonyms for “perfect pouch”—Anatomical, Ergonomical, Natural: These words define my perfect pouch.


Beau: Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?

Salvatore: I’d have to say that aesthetics plays a small role.  Everyone wants to look great in underwear.  However, the comfortable feel of hanging naturally in your underwear is the key selling point for me.


Beau: What are some examples of great pouches?

Salvatore: One discovery that I made several months ago was N2N’s Lounge Brief was on clearance, so I bought a pair. N2N has an anatomical line known as NHance.  The Lounge Brief does not belong to that line. I expected to not be able to wear the Lounge Brief, but they were so cheap, so I bought a pair anyway. When I put them on, the modal fabric was so slinky that the anatomical affect happened. I was shocked and went and bought every other color that they had in the brief. This is probably one of my top 10 briefs of all time. I discovered their awesomeness by accident. The N2N 2016 Spring Line added three new colors. I’m sure I will be making the purchase soon.


Beau: Which brands make your favorite pouches?


  • N2N NHance
  • Anything Obviously
  • Anything Ergowear (Awesomeness!)
  • John Sievers is incredible!
  • Agacio
  • Bodyaware has some great anatomical undies (I like some of their more skimpy tangas)
  • Andrew Christian Almost Naked
  • Clever has a couple of pairs
  • Sukrew



Beau: Yaass! I love a good Pouch List.

Beau: Where do you stand on structure vs. flexibility?

Salvatore: Anatomical pouches are designed to give your boys the natural structure the way they were created to hang.  The flexibility comes in the type of fabric used in the underwear. This is not an either/or for me.  It is a both/and.  Excellent anatomical pouches are both structured and flexible.


Beau: Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

Salvatore: Definitely! 25 years ago, when I started my underwear collecting obsession, I bought whatever I could get my hands on. About 6 or 7 years in, I was introduced to Undergear’s Contour Collection. This led to 2(x)ist and Calvin Klein’s contoured pouches. I thought I was in pouch heaven.  In 2011, I received my first pair of truly Anatomical Pouch Briefs from the Andrew Christian Almost Naked line.  I WAS TOTALLY HOOKED.  Since then, I have ditched nearly 100 pairs of non-anatomical pouch underwear and replaced nearly my entire collection.  I AM AN ANATOMICAL POUCH EXPERT!

Beau: Are there examples of pouches that aren’t functional but “fun” that you own?

Salvatore: No.  I don’t own anything but Anatomical Pouches.

Beau: Some people would classify those under “fun” so we’ll call that even!


Beau: Anything else you’d like to add to the pouch?

Salvatore: I recently met someone on Twitter that asked about my expertise in Anatomical Pouches.  He decided to order a pair. Upon receipt, he threw all of his underwear away and has started exclusively owning anatomical pouches. They have a way of driving you to do insane things.

                  If you are interested in the journey, I recommend buying one of each of the three pouches that Ergowear makes.  They know pouches, do them as well as anyone else, and give you enough variety to test your limits. 

                  You can follow me on Twitter @manatomicallyme and pick my brain about my obsession.  Thanks for reading!


Beau: Alright, whoever gets Salvatore for Secret Santa this year knows exactly what kind of undies to get him. This continues to add to the great conversations we’re having on the Pouch Couch. I myself tend to not favor the anatomical pouches so it is so great to hear much more about them.

Next week we’re joined by the one and only Nate, right here on the Pouch Couch.

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