Hello Kinksters,

I hope you are all doing well. This past week was a great week. I started working on a new and exciting skill with my duo trapeze partner (if you’re new to the game, I’m a professional circus artist). I also got to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios, which I can verify, is quite awesome (the first featured act is my favorite). Lastly, the thing that led me to today’s post, is that I got hired to work (I’ll be vague for fun) a bachelorette party. My coworker and I, both gentlemen of the highest regard, want to dress up fancy and formal for them. At the time, I was also wondering what to write about for Fetish Friday. When I remembered an item I received from Maskulo a couple weeks ago, that I was waiting to write about. Today, I’m going to profile, Maskulo’s Rubber Look Boxer Briefs in Black… What I’d like to rename…

Fetish Friday’s Official L.B.D. (Little Black Drawers).


Now for those of you who don’t know the L.B.D. It is a term used in women’s fashion to abbreviate the term “Little Black Dress”. It is reserved for simple black dresses that are not too flourishy. But have enough allure to work in any style environment. They cannot be too plain, but they can’t be gowns either. This Maskulo Boxer Brief in my mind is the fetishy Little Black Dress Drawers.  Because while it is simple and elegant. It is still very sexy, and the pouch and fabric give it that extra edge to be elevated from a 4B (Basic Black Boxer Briefs). Ok, maybe I’m just having too much fun with word play.


Maskulo’s Boxer Briefs are made out of a leather-like spandex material (80% Nylon/20% Spandex). They have their signature white background waistband with Maskulo woven right onto the front and center. The part that is uniquely Maskulo is the pouch. Front and center is their quilted pouch, sewn down the sides and base, but open in the top. This is to give assistance with getting your package through the inner pouch wall. Which sits flat on the body and has a horizontal slit to lift your junk out front and center into the contoured pouch. (See below for diagram)


I love this pair so much. The fabric while leather-look is super light and breathable. The pouch is super sexy as every Maskulo pouch I have has been. They make my butt look fantastic (I like to say I’m starting with a really high quality canvas, but the art is great too). It could go well in a spandexy look, a leathery look (throw a harness on and call it a day). Maybe a sexy waiter role-play (just add a bow-tie). Or you could just wear it under your dress pants for the day and feel extra sexy.


The pair goes for $52 USD on the MASKULO site. I need to acknowledge how much I love them. When I first agreed to helm the Fetish Friday column and make it a regular weekly piece. I wrote to every company I could think of, trying to make connections, andBMaskulo was one of the first to write back.  They have been so gracious and helpful, not just in offering products to write about. but to discuss their mission statement and their human rights work. A great A+ for customer service to the Maskulo team.

Ok my kinky lovelies, go out there and feel sexy and fantastic.

Until next time folks,

Keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out (and proud!)

This pair was furnished for this review by Maskulo.

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