Review Clever Fluorescence Latin Brief

Hey undies lovers, today I’ll be reviewing the Fluorescence Latin Brief (5252)  by the Clever brand (furnished by Candyman Fashion). Now, I have been buying allll sorts of underwear for many years now. I have been reviewing for quite a few of those years. Usually, before I try on a pair, I can feel the pouch and just by seeing it, I can predetermine if I’m gonna love it or not. I’ll explain more of the why later. This pair of briefs was on my Level 2 on the Pouch  Awesomeness radar before I even put them on.

Clever Fluorescence Brief 3

First things first, the color is my power color, a deep teal-ly blue. The waistband name, seam piping, and thread are all a bright neon citron. The brief also comes in a sexy red color. The waistband is a nice wide 1 ½” waistband, which sits nicely just above the hips.

The fabric is a rich 85% Nylon/15% Spandex microfiber blend which gives it that smooth hand. Besides the fabrics, my two favorite aspects are the butt coverage, and the pouch. I love sexy cut briefs like nobody’s business. Some of the time (not this time), if the pouch is super sexy. The butt is not cut big enough to actually hold the butt. But it isn’t small enough to be considered a tanga or thong. It’s just NOT a whole butt…I just want my butt to not feel like it has awkward side butt. Well, this brief is the perfect butt coverage. Not so baggy that fabric gets sucked into the crack vortex. Not so skimpy that you feel like stretching it back over your butt multiple times during the day.

Clever Fluorescence Brief 1

Now, early I said this pair rated a Level 2 on my pouch awesomeness radar. That’s quite a good rating. The only thing that would have elevated this pouch to my Level 1 is if the seam under the balls defined the pouch more so it was lifted forward. That is all. I really do love this pouch. It’s comfortable, stretchy enough to make room. Nice front AND profile visibility of the prizes beneath…

Clever Fluorescence Brief 2

This is going in my go-to undies pile for sure. I love the color, the fit, and especially the butt. At $25, it’s a great pair of undies for what you are paying for. I am so happy with the fit of the butt, I am posting my first ever undies selfie (well first ever posted on an underwear blog heehee). Here ya go world:

Clever Fluorescence 4


BRAND: Clever

PAIR: Fluorescence Latin Brief (5252)

COLORS: Blue, Red

FABRIC: 85% Nylon/15% Spandex microfiber


COST: $25



  • Daily Fit:9/10
  • Sizing:10/10
  • Construction:10/10
  • Styling:10/10
  • Daily Performance:10/10
  • Overall Rating:9.8/10 (Yes, I really love this pair!)


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