FETISH FRIDAY: Mesh Pouches… Yay or Nay?

Hello Kinksters, Happy friday!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I know it’s my birthday month, so everything is supposed to be fantastic. But today, I bring you a fetish-wear trend that I am NOT about. I know, I know, I am usually brimming with enthusiasm about my friday topics. Unfortunately, I can’t just be super positive about EVERYTHING. Or else eventually I’d bore myself, and all of you in turn.

What is it that has me so forlorn? Readers, I am talking about mesh pouches. I just can’t handle them. Now, I am specifically not into mesh pouches. I am not declaring a war on mesh in general. Mesh in other parts of fetish-wear is entirely welcome. To me, a pouch is to present a bulge, and a bulge should be just that. If I already know what you look like uncovered, down to the minuscule details. Then the pouch covering it is irrelevant, and irrelevant underwear makes me sad. Even more, if not only can I see everything before you take it all off.  But it looks smushed and constricted, I am even less into it. To me, it evokes the packaged sausage links at the supermarket. You buy it cause it’s gonna be tasty, but you don’t love how it looks all confined and uncomfortable.


Now, since I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t rant about a problem to everyone. Unless you have a solution to offer. I’d like to suggest some alternative meshy looks that I am totally down with.

MESH Clever

I am all for butt mesh, because it’s hard for butts to look bad. The Clever Mesh Bars boxer is mesh everywhere but the pouch, which I love. It gives the sensual preview, while still presenting the bulge in the best way.

MESH n2n

N2N makes a bunch of sheer gear, and I love a lot of it, and I dislike some of it (if the junk part is mesh). Their R10 Sheer Skin Singlet is great because it gives you a whole lot of sheer to work with. While also curving around your body in a really appealing way.

MESH Slickitup

Slick It Up does mesh in a way nobody else is doing. I love their aesthetic, and they have a very specific customer. They make a whole wardrobe for that customer. This Killian Suit is one of my favorite of theirs. It is so well designed with anatomy and proportion in mind.

So there we have it folks. Mesh pouches, how do you feel? Share your opinion below. Speaking of opinions, last week’s What’s Your Reveal? Post had some delightful results:

1st Place: Snaps won with 53%

2nd Place: Velcro and Zippers tied with 17%

3rd Place: Flaps got 13% of the vote.

Next FETISH FRIDAY is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Get ready for something wonderful. I don’t actually know what it’s gonna be yet, I have a few options, but haven’t chosen yet.

For now, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing over and out!


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