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Hey undie lovers. Undies Rock here with another review for Petit Q’s Hawaii Yellow Bikini (Furnished by Candymanfashion.com).  Petit Q is known for pushing the boundaries of men’s underwear with saucier designs. This bikini is no exception.  From the cheeky minimalistic cut to the vibrant tropical pattern. This pair is total sexiness.

I have been a fan of Petit Q for quite some time for their fun and exotic styles. When they released their latest collection I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this bikini.  I love string bikinis, and though they aren’t my go to style, there is definitely a time and a place for them.  One aspect of a string bikini that either makes it or breaks it for me is the length of the side string.  I hate it when the string length is only an inch or two.  For a string bikini to be considered a string bikini to me, it has to have a generous string length for the side.  This bikini sets the bar as the string goes completely from the crotch all the way to the rear.

I for sure feel a little more in touch with my feminine side with this pair as it has more of a lingerie vibe than an underwear vibe.  The pouch and butt are extremely low rise, with just enough material to cover you manhood and crack.  The butt is incredibly cheeky, and definitely makes you feel sexy.  The pouch has a narrow design, and positons my junk in the center, but it maintains a solid pouch.

The 85% nylon 15% spandex material is thin, stretchy, and comfortable. But nothing special or out of the ordinary.  I wore a size large which is rated for 34-35 inch waists.  I am in the 33-34 inch range, and this pair fit perfectly.  I think I could size down for a tighter fit if I was in the mood, but for sure this was the optimal size.

I test drove a pair for a day and there were a few things that I wasn’t a fan of.  I found myself adjusting the butt throughout the day as it would ride up and down. Which became annoying.  Also, the elastic trim is not the softest. I only say this comparatively speaking to Groovin’s string bikini. Which is crazy soft and comfy.  Though this bikini is fine for office work and intimate occasions. I doubt it would be the right choice for athletic activities or lounging.  The overall construction is good. But I can tell that it’s not the most solid. For a $20 pair of underwear I expected something that doesn’t feel like it was made in China.  Also it’s always a pet peeve of mine when the crotch has a full center seam.  Since the crotch is so minimalistic. Your package fits tight, and the center seam was irritating.

Currently you can find these on Amazon for $20, which is a little pricy for what you get.  But if you’re looking for a wild to pair to spice things up, look no further. Because the Petit Q Hawaii Bikini is the perfect choice.


·       Fun/sexy style

·       Minimal coverage

·       Thin elastic microfiber


·       Abrasive elastic trim

·       Butt tends to move around

·       Not appropriate for every occasion


·       Fit – 7

·       Sizing – 8

·       Construction – 7

·       Styling – 10

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall – 7.8

Find this pair at Candyman Fashion.com for $21.00

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