Review Clever Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief

5263 (2)CandyMan Fashion furnished the CLEVER Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief for review.

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8

Pros: Fun, bold print, true sizing, great mesh.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: CandyMan Fashion contacted UNB Tim a while ago and asked the team to review CLEVER’s Spring line. Because the entire team loves undies, he agreed and sent out pairs for review. I recently wrote a post about mesh underwear, how to select great pairs, and what types of mesh to wear for different occasions.

I was elated when the pair selected for me to review was the MESH Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief! The mesh was not the only reason I got excited as I tore open the mailer. There were two other reasons: 1.) This brief has an awesome pattern (super manly) and 2.) It has an anatomical pouch. This brief is truly the collision of three utopic components to the perfect pair of underwear: MESH, PATTERN (instead of plain color), and ANATOMICAL POUCH! Perfection at its finest!

Mesh is so tricky in men’s underwear. There is the super wide hole mesh that is more for fetish wear (totally not me, but check out TTHEAMAZING’s Fetish Friday Column. I’m sure he will work in mesh at some point). Then there is the pragmatic mesh that can be worn for a myriad of event types. This brief is definitely practical in the mesh category. I wore the pair on three different occassions:

  • All day in jeans: I made it through the day wearing the brief under jeans. Mesh is hard to wear under jeans because the glans penis (head or tip of the penis) has very sensitive nerve endings that often poke through the mesh and rub on the denim. Not always uncomfortable—sometimes stimulating and often times irritating. This didn’t begin to bother until around dinnertime. I equate this to great construction and careful design implementation seen in CLEVER’s delivery of quality underwear.
  • To bed: What can I say? I felt sexy sleeping in mesh and even sexier knowing that I was wearing a very awesome pattern. I had no issues whatsoever feeling constricted in the crotch throughout the night. Very very good experience.
  • At the  gym during workout: I’d say that this is the bread and butter of this brief. The fact that the mesh is cool and breezy and the anatomical pouch is very supporting allowed me to have free range of motion in a very well constructed brief.

I’m definitely a pouch snob. Read this and you’ll understand why. My underwear collection is almost exclusively ergonomical in pouch nature. I’ve never worn CLEVER before. This made me nervous about whether the pouch on this brief would actually turn out to be anatomical. The first thing I did when I slipped them on was take notice of the inner sewn elastic that separates the body of the brief from the pouch. I relaxed and realized that CLEVER had me in mind when they made this brief.

The construction on the brief is top notch. The pattern is super man-sexy. There is a center line going up the butt area to give you an added lift. An incredibly soft metallic gold waistband accentuates the design. The sizing was spot on for what was advertised. What else can a man ask for? NOTHING!

OUTSIDE OF THE BOX RECOMMENDATION: My wife actually came up with the idea that this brief could be worn as a swim brief if you got in a bind. The great pattern is not completely transparent and leaves enough to the imagination to make most people salivate. The lightweight mesh dries very quickly when wet and the overall construction is solid. We’re moving to Hawaii in the next couple of months. Who knows, maybe I’ll wear them surfing some day soon.  Follow me on Twitter @manatomicallyme to see if I get brave and post a picture!


PAIR: Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief

COLORS: Flower Pattern (As pictured)

FABRIC: Body: 75% nylon 25% spandex


COST: $29

FURNISHED BY: CandyMan Fashion

Where to buy:

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