New Pikante collection is Released


For those underwear lovers who love to slip into something that packs a lot and shows it off. This collection is for you. The heavily black and white color scheme allows for the attention to all be drawn to the goods or depending, the greats. The clingy, stretchy fabric blends hug and showcase every inch of what is being contained in the pouch. As the model featured in most of the new pairs can attest too, these undies will stretch to fit it all in, no matter what state it’s in. These pairs are not for the faint of heart or the shy of pride.

Slightly reminiscent of the fit of many Cocksox pairs, these briefs and jocks put it all out there. The affect, immediate. It would be hard to miss someone in these. Hard.

Other pairs focus more on the backside of life with mesh peak a boo panels over the rear. Again, heavily featured in black and white these pairs would tease any spectator to the point of the extreme. With shimmering fabric and a solid waist brand to frame the upper booty windows the mesh is well framed to draw every eye. Other pairs contain mesh panels that wrap around. Others focus on the front for their big tease.

For those metallic look lovers, this collection has pairs for you too. Very handsome trunks and briefs that mix mesh with metallic can also be found in various pairs, alternating where each is displayed. Whether you wish to glisten in gold or sizzle in silver you’ll be able to mesh together a good collection.

Every cut and style from briefs to trunks, jocks to thongs (and the new combo pairs) can be found in this collection. Singlet lovers can rejoice too with some super sexy singlets to whet your whistle. Fans of singlets and mesh…you’re in luck too, as is whoever will see you in it.

Pikante has covered all of their bases as they attempt to cover, and display, yours

Find the new Pikante collection at official site Candyman Fashion.

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